Coo-coo for Coco water?

Recently there has been a bit of buzz around a new drink that has come from America, straight out of the hands of A-listers like Sienna Miller and Jessica Simpson. Now available across the UK, Vita Coco is all natural coconut water that comes in different flavours like passion fruit and pomegranate. It is fat free and low in calories, plus it has twice the amount of potassium as a banana which means that is has metabolism-boosting power and will keep you hydrated and healthy.

The real question is, does it taste good? And the answer is yes! I like the flavoured waters (the natural isn’t really my cup of tea) and I think they are perfect if you’re exercising or on a long flight, but I wouldn’t necessarily go as far as to believe that they will boost your metabolism to any noticeable degree. As far as staying hydrated goes, if you’re hung over or travelling overseas, grab one of these to keep your energy levels up.

Usually I just prefer a good old-fashioned glass of water – if it’s not caffeinated or alcoholic I don’t waste my calories on drinks. However, I drank a Vita Coco on my last flight from Florida to London after a long weekend of partying and felt great when I landed.

I’ve decided to compare three drinks and how the stack up in terms of health so you’ll know what you’re really getting into when these drinks brands claim to be super healthy!

Vita Coco

Calories: about 70 per serving

Sugar: 18 grams

Pros: When chilled, it tastes delicious and is very refreshing. This drink is very hydrating so it’s perfect for sports, travelling, and hangovers.

Cons: None!

Overall score on my good-for-you scale: 9/10


Lassi by Made with Joy:

Calories: about 220 per serving

Sugar:  33 grams

Pros: These new bottled lassis are delicious and there’s nothing sketchy in them – just fruit, yoghurt and agave nectar. They are perfect for breakfast or a pre-workout snack because they are higher in protein than most other drinks and will fill you up.

Cons: They are high in calories so I wouldn’t down one as a drink every day – think of them more as a meal or snack on-the-go!

Overall score on my good-for-you scale: 6/10


Innocent’s smoothies:

Calories: About 135 per serving

Sugar: 25-35 grams

Pros: These smoothies are tasty and good for getting a quick fix of vitamins and a few of your RDA of fruit.

Cons: They may claim to give you 2 of your 5 a day but you’re better off eating the whole fruit rather than the smoothie version.

Overall score on my good-for-you scale: 7/10


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