Fin & Flounder at Broadway Market

I just had to share this because Fin and Flounder has a new(ish) stall at Broadway Market. They are a local fishmonger in East London (their shop is also located in Broadway Market to be exact) selling high quality, fresh fish sourced from sustainable boats.

Their new stall has a range of delicious, fresh fish sandwiches (and I am a seafood snob, remember!) like swordfish, yellowfin tuna and smoked salmon for only about five pounds. Last week I had a taste of the smoked salmon on fresh rye bread with a creamy dill sauce, and it was only about 3 quid!

The real winner at this new stall though is the tuna steak sandwich, grilled to perfection – and to any temperature – right in front of your eyes with rocket and wasabi mayonnaise on ciabatta bread. For only five pounds, this sandwich has a large, thick cut of  tuna – I like mine rare – and with only a small squeeze of the wasabi mayonnaise, it is pretty healthy too.

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