Hello I’m scott!

I have used medical marijuana for my anxiety and depression, while at the same time using marijuana to ween off of opiates and xanax that were prescribed to me for years thru a doctor, and am proud to say I am 2 years clean and healthly off of both! I have 3 awesome kids and beautiful wife. I am a perfect example of how many patients/customers can use and excel with medical marijuana. I have my omma card and am looking for a career instead of a job. Something that actually excites me to work. I love helping people and have a passion for showing other what this medicine has helped me accomplish! I live in Tulsa and will do literally anything as far as the job to better myself and the name the just get my foot in somewhere. Please let me know! Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!! Scott.
I am currently looking for part/full time employment at a dispensary or grow facility I have several years growing experience. If anyone is hiring or knows of someone who is please let me know thanks. Photo is one of my harvests